From time to time I offer what I call an omakase seminar.

In essence, I go somewhere unfamiliar and set myself up in a bach, shack, or whatever the local equivalent. Nothing too remote — say an hour out of town.

I’m there to write, but once a week I open the house. I set readings (listenings, viewings, games) in advance according to wherever my thoughts are at the moment — that’s the omakase, “chef’s choice” part. On the appointed day, participants come out to my place. I serve tea and we talk about the shared text and whatever it leads to.

It’s an opportunity to practice unforced thinking in a relaxed setting in the company of others who share your interest in doing so.

I limit the group to 14 participants, give or take. The seminar could run two sessions or ten, depending on how long I’m around. The fee will vary with the locale.

I’ll provide a syllabus in advance, but we’re free to change it as we go. We don’t record these sessions, and I ask that participants exercise discretion in discussing them elsewhere so that we may all feel at ease stumbling around in the dark.

Variations on the format — compressed into a weekend etc — are possible.

If you’d like to sponsor one in your area, drop me a line.