Kind Words

Lars Kirdan, Director of Business Development, SAS

My professional go-to guy for understanding human relationships and cultural dynamics. Josh’s interdisciplinary approach and hands-on experience, combined with his extraordinary theoretical and methodological insight, makes him an invaluable dialogue partner. His personal engagement in deprived communities underscores his commitment to bringing positive change to real-world challenges.

Courtney Holm, Founder, A.BCH

Whether we meet to sound off new ideas or discuss ongoing projects, Josh comes in with a fresh perspective and genuine care. Josh has been a mentor for me as I navigate the ups and downs of running a small business and design practice. His knowledge, curiosity, and way of connecting things are difficult to pinpoint to one genre of consultation. That’s the beauty in conversing with him: you may end up on an unexpected path, meet a new collaborator, or bring to life something that’s been missing a key ingredient.

Mikko Järvenpää, Director of Development, The Long Now

Josh combines a depth of knowledge with a gift for observation in a way that can only be called wisdom.